Georgios Spyroulias

Georgios Spyroulias is a Professor in the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Patras (GR). He graduated in 1989 from the Department of Chemistry of Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki and he joined the University of Crete for post-graduate studies and research at the field of Bioinorganic Chemistry until 1995. Then he started his Post-Doctoral research in Biomimetic Catalysis at the University of Paris V (1995-6). In 1997 he moved to the Center of Magnetic Resonance (U of Florence) and he started his research activities in the field of NMR investigation of protein through NMR Spectroscopy. His research was financially supported by the “Marie-Curie Research Training Grants” program, while in 2000 he returned in Greece, at University of Patras (UPAT) through an EU reintegration grant (“Marie-Curie Return Grant”). In 2003 he was appointed as a Faculty Member, while in 2013 he established a state-of-the-art NMR equipment, 700MHz, through a highly competitive EU Research Grant. His work is focused on conformational dynamics studies of biomolecular drug targets, supported by a number of EU FP6/FP7/H2020 projects and it has been published in ~100 scientific articles (h-index 25, 2100 citations) and in >60 data depositions in Protein Data Bank (PDB) and Biological Magnetic Resonance Bank (BMRB).